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I'm alone (unless you're here)

Posted by hairbysusiboe on September 18, 2017 at 12:25 AM

Currently Doing- Getting my act together and blogging about: life, our homes reno, momming, and frugally spending alllll of the money (oops). Plus postings about hair, makeup, and nails that I work on.

Listening: Pandora Station- Big Block Singsong

Kiddos: Syl, 5.5mo, is down for a nap, Row, 2 1/4yo, is currently attacking me when EVERY awesome song comes on (and they all are). "Goesbutters!" (Name that song)

Momming: Trying to figure out if letting him have free play is good, or if I should be offering him activities to preoccupy him. Just guess which will win out today.

The Frugal Spendthrift: I am currently like $600 over budget. Which renews today, soooooo, I guess this will be a tight month with only $300 for activities, groceries, and travel. On the plus side, I spent $60 on a tote full of Polly Pockets and a bunch of other awesome stuff at a local closing daycare. Debating if I should display them in my large china cabinet or buy a small one, paint it pink and display them permanently...

Before & After’s: Currently we are mid-front porch makeover. I had the option to buy jewelry, but with a 2yo and a5.5mo I rarely wear the good stuff right now. But I am always irritated by our dysfunctional/ugly porch. Dedicated post on that to come.

Our Reno: We have done sooooooo much to this house. I am glad I had the forethought to go through and take detailed pictures the week we bought it so our f&f could take a virtual tour!

Me: Semi-Retired Hairdresser in Red Wing, MN, Full Time Mom, VeryLittlePartTime home decor store employee, Cat Mom to

Coco & Louise, Rufus wrangler, chronic painter of everything and anything that stands still long enough,

That Icky Stuff: Stress, anxiety, depression, yucky icky feelings. Like putting all this out there for the world and being generally rejected.

Clean Up!: I struggle with being the Martha I want to be. Hey Suz, It's easier to paint the kitchen if you just wash the dishes first...

Yummers: I just pureed like 25 bananas... Now I need a recipe or 5.

(Luc and Me on our 1st Wedding Anniversary before kids)

Anyone Relate?

Anyone There?

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